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Don’t give up on your dream…even if someone says you can’t do it. – Zachary ‘Ziggy’ Johnson

Gem story was written by: Marcus Mulenga

Anticipate unwavering determination from this exceptional individual—Zach Johnson is a true fighter, and we mean that quite literally. Proficient in MMA, boxing, and bare-knuckle fighting, he’s a force to be reckoned with. With an imminent bout scheduled for April 22nd in NYC, Zach eagerly anticipates returning to his hometown to showcase his skills before the home crowd. His roots in Clifton Springs, New York, remain close to his heart, a testament to the upbringing and guidance he received from his formative years. A former three-sport athlete at Midlakes High School, where he excelled in football, indoor and outdoor track, Zach’s journey into the world of professional fighting took an unexpected turn after a brief stint in semi-pro football. Promptly recognized by an MMA trainer, he embarked on a new chapter, transitioning to a career that would become synonymous with his name—”Ziggy.”

Slaughterhouse, the team that embraced Zach, especially under the guidance of manager Ryan Perez, became the catalyst for his self-assurance and honing his potent striking abilities. Each day finds him in the gym, refining his defensive techniques, striving for relentless improvement. With an insatiable competitive spirit, Zach ceaselessly seeks new challenges, a mindset that propelled him to take on the best in his first seven fights, culminating in his peak performance…

And then the COVID pandemic entered the arena, delivering a devastating blow akin to a fierce haymaker. Testing positive for the virus, Zach found himself in a period of recovery, during which he couldn’t train, forcing him to withdraw from several fights due to both physical and mental health considerations. The frustrations were further compounded by fights being canceled due to factors beyond his control. Amidst these adversities, Zach became a target for negative commentary from keyboard warriors who unjustly branded him as a fake fighter, accusing him of evading formidable opponents. What sets Zach apart is his resilience; he turns to his family, his team, and his loyal fans to fortify his spirit against the onslaught of negativity. Each day, he steps into the gym, channeling his determination towards his upcoming fight, finding added motivation in movies like “Underdog” and “Remember the Titans,” which inspire him to navigate through the trials he faces.

Remarkably, Zach’s journey has taken an unexpected cinematic twist, as he’s been presented with the opportunity to star in upcoming films. A local casting director, David J. Paul, reached out, propelling Zach into the realm of acting. Already featured in the short film “The Secret Mechanic,” and with a role in the upcoming film “David,” Zach’s trajectory has expanded beyond his imagination. He believes that embracing new challenges enhances personal growth, a philosophy he imparts on the young athletes he coaches at the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Through his story and example, Zach seeks to instill in children with disabilities or those who have been subjected to bullying the unyielding spirit of pursuing dreams against all odds. He perceives these youngsters as genuine champions, continually learning from them. Their humility and joy in the face of adversity remind him to savor life’s experiences. Outside the realm of fighting and acting, Zach unwinds through fishing, hunting, and exploring his surroundings. Yet, his focus remains steadfast on the impending fight on April 22nd at the Flex Fight Series. He’s driven by a desire to silence those who doubted his capabilities during the pandemic, igniting his competitive fire to prove that the underdog can never be counted out.

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Are you serious?

Zach is an absolute fraud. He’s 0-6 and lost every fight in the first round. He came to my gym in Gainesville and I can assure you he’s anything but proficient in any aspect of combat sports. I feel truly horrified that he’s working with make a wish kids. What did they wish for? An absolute bag of air who thinks he’s a boxer? If anything he’s proof of the fact you actually can’t do anything. Maybe research before you write about hack like this

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