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Always continue to renovate because you always want to keep improving yourself. – Dr. Keneitra Brown

After a tempestuous storm subsides, it often leaves a trail of homes in disarray. Keneitra Brown, a survivor of Hurricane Ida, understands this reality firsthand. Following the 2021 hurricane, she found herself homeless for a period. Yet, a damaged home is never beyond redemption; it can be refurbished and rejuvenated. Sometimes, it emerges from the ordeal even more robust and splendid than before. Such was the case for Keneitra Brown.

We take great pride in introducing the next luminary in our midst, Keneitra Brown, a Physician Associate and dedicated entrepreneur with a patient-centric vision. Her fervor lies in educating women about their bodies. Affectionately known as Dr. Ken, she imbibed a crucial lesson from her mentor: to equip patients with more knowledge than they sought when entering the doctor’s chamber. She has adopted this principle in her own practice, specializing in guiding women through WAPology—a realm where they discover the nuances between “wet,” “wetter,” and “wettest.”

Bacterial vaginosis, a topic often mired in misconceptions by both genders, has regrettably spawned unfair jests and unwarranted stigmas. This has given rise to shame, particularly affecting women. Consequently, when patients approach Dr. Ken, a palpable unease sometimes accompanies their delicate queries. Herein lies Dr. Ken’s forte—to enlighten, empower, and edify these women, fostering a sense of pride in their intricate bodies and the marvels of reproduction. The bedrock of WAPology rests upon education and self-awareness. Dr. Ken underscores that many vaginal concerns stem from male factors, especially those who are circumcised, lack proper hygiene, or engage in multiple partnerships. While numerous cleansers attempt to address these issues, they often brim with chemicals and dubious ingredients. A serendipitous TikTok rant, where Dr. Ken held aloft a suspect product, led to a turning point. Encouraged by the positive response, she ventured to create her own vaginal cleanser from natural, plant-based components—thus, WAP Wash was born.

The reception of WAP Wash exceeded expectations. Spurred by a socially renowned friend, Dr. Ken turned her focus to TikTok, using the platform to extend her in-person care to the virtual realm. She also pioneered a line of female enhancement supplements, with the G-Spot variant gaining notable popularity. All of Dr. Ken’s creations are meticulously crafted to safeguard not only customers’ immediate health but also the well-being of future generations. She advocates for vigilant label scrutiny and ingredient research. While encountering a couple of unfamiliar components is normal, needing to research each one raises concerns. Dr. Ken’s resolute dedication to empowering women has bestowed her with the ability to enact positive change, even in the face of the pandemic. She seized the opportunity to disseminate online information about the virus, perpetuating her mission to aid others. The weariness stemming from vision board assemblies, life coaching sessions, and women’s health symposiums dissipates when she connects with her online clientele. The ensuing dialogue and inquiries validate her tireless efforts.

Yet, WAPology isn’t the sole conduit of Dr. Ken’s empowerment. She has birthed her own activewear line, christened “Pardon My Sweat.” This collection draws inspiration from Keneitra’s personal journey of surmounting past adversities and relationships. Her metamorphosis is akin to refurbishing a house—imperfections remain, but with new furnishings and renovations, it becomes a place of renewal. Pardon My Sweat’s essence is rooted in eradicating shame and negativity tied to self-betterment. Through this clothing line, Keneitra aims to ignite the drive to “persistently renovate and enhance oneself.” The brand caters to all sizes, ensuring inclusivity in the pursuit of self-improvement and relentless effort.

Beyond her professional spheres—be it the clinic, laboratory, or TikTok—Dr. Ken revels in globetrotting, culinary exploration, and penning her musings. The upbringing of her two beloved sons fuels her desire to contribute to her community. She dedicates considerable time to mentoring young girls through seminars at local schools. Aspiring to orchestrate more empowerment symposiums for women, Dr. Ken remains a beacon of aspiration. With the remarkable success of WAP Wash and the expansion of WAPology, she inches closer to her aspiration of normalizing candid discussions about women’s bodies. The journey has been extensive, and more awaits—so “pardon her sweat,” for this luminary continues to evolve, tirelessly pursuing self-improvement and the betterment of others every day.