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Bringing some Memphis love to Orlando Florida! – Chester ‘Prince of the South’ Moore

Gem story was written by: Marcus Mulenga

Under the radiant sun, a tantalizing aroma of barbecue smoke beckons you closer. Following this savory trail, you’re greeted by a blazing grill where fish, ribs, and spaghetti sizzle to perfection. And presiding over this culinary spectacle is none other than our next remarkable individual – Chester Moore Jr., renowned as the Prince of the South. Hailing from Memphis, a city steeped in barbecue tradition, Chester’s connection with the grill runs deep. From childhood, he was immersed in the kitchen, mastering the art of barbecuing passed down through generations of Moore men. He’s also adorned his cooking prowess with cherished family recipes, like treasures hanging from his culinary apron. The spark was lit when he sizzled his inaugural hamburger – an instant realization that his passion was uncovered. The flame of cooking remains alight within his family; his son now owns a barbecue business, and even his young grandson is being groomed as a future grill master.

A venture to Louisiana selling food under the night’s veil led Chester to Florida, where he encountered a stumbling block on his career path. The local market initially appeared indifferent to his barbecue prowess, yet this setback turned out to be a geographical misstep. Shifting his approach and aligning himself with the right people at the right place, Chester emerged more resolute than ever to infuse “Memphis love into Orlando, Florida.” This experience proved pivotal, a lesson he applies to his diverse entrepreneurial ventures, and the list is extensive. Beyond being a master of the grill, Chester wears many hats: landscaper, radio host, life coach, deacon, t-shirt vendor, mentor, marketer, and devoted family man. This multifaceted engagement is a deliberate strategy. He’s recognized that true wealth requires diversification, extracting fragments from an array of opportunities. Embracing financial setbacks as part of the journey, Chester shared a story of adversity – a lucrative event involving Tyler Perry and Slap the Apple, his barbecue business, catering to 3,000 attendees, was washed out by rain. Despite losing the invested $1,200, Chester’s fervor remained undeterred.

In a subsequent event sponsored by United Health Care, Slap the Apple impressively served 600 people in less than 4 hours. This resilience was passed down by his mother’s adage: “once your mind is set, full steam ahead!” Operating with this mindset, Chester defied COVID’s challenges. Amidst restaurant closures and a captive home audience, demand soared for outdoor barbecues and landscaping services. Embracing this opportunity, he encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to seize the moment, capitalizing on market demand. Chester’s support network comprises family, friends, church, and five close advisors, who’ve helped him consolidate his diverse pursuits into three focal areas: barbecue, landscaping, and radio. These pillars keep him grounded and committed to building not only his wealth but also his community. Particularly focused on guiding young men towards positive means of providing for their families, mentorship and job opportunities stand as his testament.

Beyond the grill, radio, and lawns, Chester’s interests span hosting winner-takes-all horseshoe and domino tournaments. A passion for music, ranging from the mellifluous notes of Michael Jackson and Kenny Lattimore to old-school hip-hop by 8Ball & MJG, is palpable. Occasionally, Chester graces the recording booth with rap hooks, a friendly reminder that his generation was among the first to embrace hip-hop. Yet, towering over all his endeavors is his unwavering faith in God. As he eloquently states, “My Father is the King of Kings, so I’m the Prince of the South!” Don’t miss his radio show, “Peace on the Streets,” airing every Wednesday from 9 am to 11 am. And for your next event, book a taste of his renowned barbecue. Lastly, heed his recommendation and explore Landscape Nursery – consider it a royal decree from the “Prince” himself!