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“I don’t believe in luck. You’ve got to work for things” – Sheyla Apuy

Gem Story was written by: BOBO Marketing Services

Enter the world of Sheyla Apuy, an adept real estate agent who expertly navigates the dynamic Orlando housing market. With a blend of passion, sharp intellect, and masterful negotiation skills, Sheyla is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of real estate. Her journey, fueled by genuine altruism, led her to this path, perfectly aligned with her life’s rhythm. Originating from a diverse administrative background, including esteemed organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Sheyla brings a unique blend of skills to her profession.

Born in Peru and relocated to New Jersey at a tender age of 3, Sheyla’s innate nature, as a cancer zodiac, is rooted in spreading joy and aiding her family. Her geographic journey between New Jersey and Florida was colored by her family’s presence, reflecting her determination to stand independently since age 16. Fueled by sheer determination, she secured employment, housing, and a car—unveiling the essence of hard work as her guiding principle. As she steadfastly declares, “I don’t believe in luck. You’ve got to work for things.” A dedicated and nurturing mother to two daughters, aged 21 and 10, Sheyla’s unwavering work ethic is interwoven with her familial devotion.

Her professional voyage commenced at a construction and architecture firm, where administrative responsibilities were her forte. However, the monumental events of September 11, 2001, prompted a pivotal move to Orlando with her daughter, seeking a better life. Settling in a quaint downtown Orlando apartment, Sheyla’s adaptability shone through as she effortlessly befriended neighbors, a testament to her unparalleled ability to connect with people.

Sheyla’s tenure at the American Cancer Society saw her fervently raising funds and orchestrating programs for patients. Her role extended beyond administrative tasks as she wholeheartedly embraced her role in fostering a supportive community. An evolution in her career took her to managing large-scale events, igniting a passion for community service. Her journey eventually led her to real estate, prompted by her ex-husband’s venture into the industry, which illuminated the financial freedom and flexibility it offered.

Following her separation in 2018, Sheyla embarked on an intensive 30-day journey to obtain her real estate license. Her determination fueled her success as she aced the course exam and state exam on her first attempt. Joining Keller Williams marked a significant milestone, enabling her to leverage her unique skill set to aid families in their real estate endeavors.

Her past roles, encompassing fundraising and community outreach, harmoniously align with her current path, where Sheyla’s love for people and her profound sense of purpose shine brightly. Her aspirations transcend individual transactions, aiming to guide 24 families through home transactions this year, with a perpetual commitment to growth. Her dreams extend to founding a foundation to aid single mothers and homeless children.

The journey hasn’t been devoid of challenges, with establishing a presence and maintaining a steady flow proving demanding. With her innate tenacity, Sheyla advocates pushing forward, consistently offering impeccable service and unwavering support to her clients.

Her faith, a beacon during the darkest moments, and the unwavering support of her family fuel Sheyla’s pursuit of excellence. A trailblazer herself, raised by a strong, single mother, Sheyla’s dedication to her own daughters mirrors her upbringing. Rooted in faith, the family’s penchant for exploration is evident through their travels and experiences of diverse cultures.

Stay tuned as this remarkable Gem continues to shape her impactful journey in the realm of real estate.