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No one sees things the way you do – Marcus Mulenga

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Creating “A Very Beautiful Rainbow!”

With a lifelong passion for writing, Marcus Mulenga has emerged as a self-published children’s book author, professional proofreader, and a captivating narrator. His literary journey took flight with his first children’s book, “A Very Beautiful Rainbow,” a tale that garnered immense acclaim despite its spontaneous inception. The initial spark for this heartwarming story occurred while Marcus accompanied his family on a trip to OfficeMax. Seated at a kids’ table, he sketched a rainbow, igniting the imaginative narrative of a rainbow that regains its colors by sharing them with others.

“Translating your thoughts onto paper is a beautiful process.” – Marcus Mulenga, Author of “A Very Beautiful Rainbow!”

During his formative years, Marcus developed a deep fondness for poetry, influenced by cherished moments when his father read “The Napping House” by Audrey Wood to him. These experiences kindled his creativity and ignited a love for reading, which eventually evolved into a fervor for crafting his own imaginative stories and poems.

“I have truly become what I aspired to be.”

Drawing inspiration from literary icons like Dr. Seuss, whose inventive wordplay enriched stories, Marcus also holds authors such as Mark Twain, Shel Silverstein, Lemony Snicket, and Jules Verne in high regard.

Conquering Challenges in Self-Publishing

Navigating writer’s block can be a formidable challenge for authors, as the pressure to outdo previous works can be overwhelming. However, Marcus’s perspective shifted as he recognized that the core essence was to create captivating stories. A year later, he unveiled “Apples in My Backpack, and a Medley of Other Quirky Poems!”, a delightful exploration of a family’s hide-and-seek escapades with healthy foods. The imaginative journey continued with the creation of “Balloons on Mars.”

To surmount writer’s block, Marcus advises jotting down any ideas that arise. This seemingly simple act can give rise to poems or characters that blossom into full-fledged books over time. He emphasizes the importance of embracing your unique creative path, as it’s your distinctive viewpoint that sets your work apart.

“No one perceives the world quite like you do.” – Marcus Mulenga, Author of “A Very Beautiful Rainbow”

For aspiring self-publishers, a thorough understanding of your chosen platform is crucial. Guidelines differ between platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and To expand his reach, Marcus set up a booth at Toronto’s The Word On The Street in September 2019. Encouraged by a customer’s feedback about the valuable lessons his book imparts in a fun manner, he felt an even stronger sense of purpose. Forging Connections as a Proofreader

For those stepping into the realm of entrepreneurship, Marcus recommends creating profiles on freelancing platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork. Reaching out to websites and social media accounts that could benefit from your proofreading services can also yield positive outcomes.

Remarkably, one of Marcus’s proofreading clients emerged from his narration service. Confronted with a challenging manuscript, Marcus offered to proofread and edit it, leading to a fruitful collaboration.

“Any concept can be transformed into reality.”

Establishing a consistent follow-up strategy is a potent way to attract clients. Marcus cultivated lasting relationships with two recurring clients simply by maintaining communication. Meeting deadlines and ensuring effective communication are key to maintaining client satisfaction, increasing the likelihood of repeat engagements.

Quality Time with Loved Ones

Beyond his literary pursuits, Marcus relishes spending time with his wife, children, and engaging in outdoor activities like basketball and music appreciation. Above all, he cherishes meaningful connections, whether through face-to-face interactions, phone calls, or virtual meetings via platforms like Zoom. Maintaining contact with his biggest admirers – his five young cousins living out of state – is a priority that brings joy to his heart.