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“I work hard on our business to leave a legacy behind for all of my children” – David Sylvester

Meet the dynamic duo driving the success of Central Florida’s beloved Runners’ Caribbean Cuisine food truck – David and Tiffany. Eight years ago, destiny brought them together, and today, they’re not only partners in life but also co-creators of a culinary venture that has captured the hearts and palates of many. With two children of their own, their life journey is one of love, hard work, and mouthwatering flavors.

At the heart of their operation is the delectable Jamaican cuisine that has garnered a devoted following. David, the culinary maestro behind the scenes, meticulously crafts each platter with the flavors of his homeland. His dedication to the art of cooking shines through in every bite, as he carefully plans and executes each dish to perfection. Meanwhile, Tiffany takes charge of the day-to-day operations, ensuring the wheels of their food truck keep turning smoothly. Her social media prowess keeps their audience engaged and eagerly anticipating their next culinary creations.

Their gastronomic adventure ignited when they made Orlando, Florida their home a year ago. Fuelled by their passion and a desire to share their culinary heritage, they embarked on their food truck journey. The journey, however, is far from over. With determination and a shared vision, David and Tiffany are diligently working towards expanding their business. One of their foremost ambitions is to extend their catering services to call centers, parties, and events, bringing a taste of the Caribbean to celebrations across the region.

“I pour my heart and soul into our business, building a legacy for all my children.”

Their commitment to the community is palpable. You’ll find them participating in events such as Food Truck Fridays and various local festivals, where they spread the magic of Caribbean flavors. If you’re eager to experience the enchantment firsthand, keep an eye out for their tantalizing platters. Simply give them a call, and they’ll guide you to their current Central Florida location. David and Tiffany’s culinary venture isn’t just about serving delicious food; it’s a testament to their dedication and the rich legacy they’re carving for their family and community.