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“I want to leave a legacy” – Kareem Roman

Gem Story was written by: Stay Klassay

Allow us to introduce you to Kareem Roman, a man whose heartbeat resonates with the rhythm of music and the art of creative direction. This ardor has borne fruit in the form of Roman Imagery, a professional photography and videography enterprise that he nurtured into being. A true visionary, Kareem paints diverse emotional landscapes through his masterful interplay of LED lights and contrast techniques. Born in Fort Lauderdale, this Gem has carved his own path in Orlando, emerging as a self-made photographer.

His journey began with the Canon Rebel t2i and Canon EOS 6D, two cameras that remain etched in his memory. A pivotal juncture arrived when he borrowed his stepfather’s camera to contribute to a nascent T-shirt venture embarked upon with his friends. Later, he set his heart on a coveted camera, a dream he realized with the support of a friend who facilitated an affordable acquisition through payment plans.

Kareem’s affinity for photography wasn’t instantaneous; it was a gradual affair that unfolded as he honed his craft. The more he immersed himself, the deeper his love for photography grew. As he found his calling, he established a professional Instagram presence, using it as a conduit to connect with local models and the community. His dedication extended to attending networking events, cultivating a robust support network that stands strong today.

Reflecting on his journey, Kareem acknowledges the rugged path he has traversed. The nascent three years of his business were marked by formidable obstacles, including a heart-wrenching robbery that robbed him of precious equipment and countless photos. Yet, Kareem remained undeterred, resilient in his pursuit. His evolution as a photographer was buoyed by the wisdom of mentors who shaped his trajectory.

This year marks Kareem’s aspiration to sever ties with his day job, propelling Roman Imagery to new heights. His vision is to immerse himself in the music industry, experiencing the intoxicating rhythm of tour life. His sights are set on orchestrating music videos, contributing to albums, and navigating the enchanting world behind the scenes. From bagging groceries to embarking on cross-country odysseys with artists, Kareem’s journey promises an exciting narrative in the years to come. Stay tuned to witness the chapters that this local Gem will script!