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“Riavviamo…Let’s restart and let’s reboot and just get hydrated and healthy.” – Chilka Rawal

Gem story was written by: Marcus Mulenga

Born in London and raised amidst the vibrant tapestry of Tampa, Florida, Chilka attributes her unyielding work ethic to her industrious parents, who stand as the cornerstone of her narrative. As she grew up, her parents weren’t solely her loving guardians, but the dedicated proprietors of their own restaurants, bestowing upon her a living lesson in entrepreneurship. The unity of her family remained steadfast as she embarked on her undergraduate journey at UF, constantly nurturing connections. However, the pandemic unfurled a distinct opportunity for Chilka’s family to delve into their heritage and lineage over Zoom. Imbibing her father’s tales of managing a multitude of responsibilities over the years, Chilka found herself inspired to carry forward this entrepreneurial heritage. Her footsteps have indubitably followed her parents’ path. Presently residing in the tri-state area of New Jersey with her own family, she adorns a multitude of hats. As a mother and wife, Chilka places family at the forefront. Simultaneously, she boasts a 12-year tenure as a PA specializing in asthma and allergy. She ventures into event management, sits on various hospital boards, and has recently ventured into founding Riavviamo, a concierge IV hydration service. And yes, she’s a mother too—a role demanding boundless dedication. Much like her hospital commitments, she remains on call for her myriad responsibilities.

Her brainchild, “Riavviamo,” resonates with the elegant Italian meaning “let’s restart” or “let’s reboot,” serving as a graceful reminder of the venture’s core: administering therapeutic services to the time-starved. Her mission? To assist individuals in attaining hydration and robust health. While some may label her primary service as the “morning after bag,” it encompasses much more. Modern lifestyles often preclude people from dedicating time to proper hydration. Yet, the transformative effects of her administered IV drips underscore the significance of her role. With increasing emphasis on employee well-being and personal health, Chilka envisions expanding her concierge services across broader tri-state New Jersey domains and even beyond.

Her extensive experience within healthcare has garnered clients’ trust. Often, the positive impact of her interventions is palpable later the same day. Chilka’s proactive approach involves diligent follow-ups to ensure her clients’ well-being and arrange subsequent appointments. A recent accomplishment involves integrating Botox services into her portfolio, further broadening her offerings, as highlighted on her Instagram page.

During the pandemic, while confinement hindered people’s mobility, Chilka’s services, tailored for home visits, remained operationally seamless. While she predominantly manages her business alone (with aspirations to hire more nurses in the future), branding remains a challenge. Yet, this hasn’t deterred her from networking, continually seeking avenues to attract new clientele. She forges connections with past clients, approaches gyms, spas, and corporations, pitching her services to promote wellness among members and employees. Chilka understands the vitality of word-of-mouth networking, recognizing herself as the walking embodiment of her brand. She cites a Bloomingdale’s shopping expedition where she gained six new clients, underscoring the effort that effective networking demands. In Chilka’s world, her business is ever-present, a notion she’s even imparting to her children. While they jest that she’s always “playing on her phone,” Chilka underscores her role as a meticulous planner, juggling myriad responsibilities, including her family’s well-being.

For those hesitant to avail her services, Chilka extends herself as an accessible resource, ready to answer queries. Thriving under pressure, she finds fulfillment in client interaction, aiding individuals and their families on their wellness journeys. She perpetually searches for the next endeavor—be it a client, promotional avenue, or expansion prospect. Ultimately, she emphasizes that the work invested is a pivotal determinant of success. However, Chilka’s life isn’t solely devoted to work. Recognizing the value of self-care, she dedicates a weekly “me day” every Tuesday morning—a period for personal rejuvenation between school drop-offs and her hospital shift.

Years of experience and dedication have forged Chilka into an entrepreneurial gem. She radiates resilience and vision, a Gem we take pride in introducing to you.