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You Can Create an Entire World That Doesn’t Exist. – Bobby Nickson

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Meet Bobby Nickson, a visionary filmmaker, producer, director, and music editor who stands at the helm of his own independent production company in Atlanta, known as Production Warehouse Films. Specializing in the art of crafting short-form films, Bobby’s creative endeavors predominantly thrive in the realms of horror, thriller, action, and comedy genres. M&PG is delighted to unveil the brilliant mind behind these cinematic creations!

Upon encountering Bobby, his sheer determination is unmistakable. Such resolve is essential, as it takes a bold spirit to veer from one’s established path and dive headfirst into a new and exhilarating passion. Hailing originally from the vibrant Bronx in New York, Bobby’s journey into the realm of film commenced in 2001, when he was handed a camera to chronicle the birth of his cherished daughter, Sheilah. Fused with his musical background, this introduction ignited an ever-growing devotion to capturing life’s most precious moments through the lens. From that pivotal juncture, his fascination knew no bounds.

Navigating the Trials of Establishing a Production Company

Setting the stage for Production Warehouse Films was a task that Bobby found surprisingly manageable. Fueled by his unwavering passion and bolstered by a circle of remarkable friends, he garnered unwavering encouragement to remain steadfast. The true challenge, however, resides in sustaining this momentum despite encountering a multitude of stumbling blocks. An illustrative example lies in projects that, despite his dedicated investments of time and energy, never manage to soar to fruition.

The Filmmaking Odyssey, A to Z

Pre-Production: Assembling a cadre of adept camera operators, gaffers, sound editors, and other skilled crew members proves to be a formidable feat. Securing financing before the first frame is captured presents an even greater hurdle.

Production: This phase is a dance with potential script hiccups, external obstacles during outdoor shoots (cue honking cars and unsuspecting pedestrians), and the capricious whims of sunlight. Although indoor settings offer more control, technical glitches remain a lurking challenge.

Post-Production: Here, discrepancies that may have eluded notice during filming could rear their heads—imagine a bottle in one take that mysteriously vanishes in the next. Remember the infamous “Game of Thrones” Starbucks cup? Continuity is paramount in the realm of film.

Navigating the Terrain of Collaborative Endeavors

Maintaining a harmonious partnership can prove intricate when both parties are deeply invested in the creative realm. Divergent visions striving to convey the same narrative pose a common test.

Balancing the Books and Aspiring Forward

Bobby’s retrospective gaze reveals a desire to dedicate more time to understanding the business facets. While creativity flows naturally, the intricacies extend further. A crucial element is inspiring your team to align with your vision and shared objectives.

As time progresses, Bobby envisions a transition towards producing feature films, a path promising heightened exposure through film festivals and streaming platforms. Yet, for now, his focus remains steadfast on honing the craft of short-form storytelling.

Although one might anticipate extensive advertising avenues for production companies, the reality is different. Advertising is not the norm; instead, it’s scriptwriters who often approach production companies, seeking to entrust their narratives to these skilled hands.

In Bobby’s own words, “The power of film lies in your ability to conjure entire worlds from the depths of imagination.”

Bobby’s cinematic preferences gravitate toward the realms of sci-fi and action-packed superhero epics. Among his personal favorites stands “Avatar,” a film that has left an indelible mark on him. The sheer intricacy invested in crafting the visuals of an alternate world has captivated him, and he marvels at the extensive detailing that brought this fictional environment to life. Notably, “Avatar” stands as one of the pioneering films to concoct an entire language exclusively to enrich its fictional narrative.

When he turns the spotlight inward, Bobby acknowledges that helming an independent production film company poses its share of trials. Nonetheless, he relishes the exhilaration of transforming mere concepts into fresh and captivating narratives. His journey is a testament to the journey from idea to creation, a journey he navigates with zeal.

Keep a watchful eye on this burgeoning star, as he propels himself toward the grand stage of cinema. Who knows, one day Bobby might create a cinematic masterpiece that outshines even the monumental “Avatar.” When that day comes, you’ll proudly recall the time you knew Bobby Nickson during his Atlanta short film days, witnessing the inception of a remarkable filmmaker destined for greatness!