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We Bring Automotive Repairs to Your Doorstep

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“We love seeing people smile. We’re not about the money; we are more about helping people.”

For Anthony Rosado and Samantha Ramos, the heart of their business, Precision Mobile Tech, beats to the rhythm of family and the joy of seeing people smile. Their story is a testament to a deep-rooted passion for cars and a commitment to making life easier for those they serve.
It all began in the shared spaces of family garages. Anthony’s journey into the world of automotive mechanics was ignited at the tender age of 13, working alongside his uncle. Meanwhile, Samantha’s fascination with cars was nurtured by her father, who taught her the art of car repair from her early years. Both were schooled in the philosophy that cars should be handled with a touch of love and a wealth of care – a principle they’ve carried into their relationships with friends, family, and clients alike.
But the Ramos duo’s story isn’t just about wrenches and engines; it’s about compassion. Life’s trials and tribulations have taught them to empathize with the struggles people face. With Precision Mobile Tech, their mission is clear – to make life as convenient as possible for their clients. Their ingenious solution? Taking their repair shop on wheels and bringing their expertise directly to their customers’ doorsteps. What started as a modest concept in March of 2023 has blossomed into a thriving mechanical repair business, esteemed for its convenience and affordability throughout Central Florida.
The brilliance of their mobile service lies in its dual benefits. Firstly, it caters to the busy lives of their clients, sparing them the ordeal of driving to a repair shop and waiting for hours. Secondly, it grants Anthony and Samantha the precious gift of time with their own children, underscoring the family values that have always driven them.
For the Ramos family, the pursuit of their passion has paved the way for true happiness. They believe that loving what you do is the key to success and dedication. This deep connection to their craft fuels their determination to work tirelessly for their clients. Their advice to aspiring entrepreneurs echoes this sentiment – seize opportunities swiftly, for waiting is but a delay in the journey towards fulfilling dreams.
Precision Mobile Tech is a story of dreams turned into reality. Fuelled by a vision of service excellence, Anthony and Samantha leapt into action to bring it to life. Looking ahead, expansion is on the horizon. Samantha’s niece is eager to join the team, and plans are in motion to hire more employees next year. An old truck is undergoing transformation, poised to expand their reach further and bring smiles to even more faces. Yet, amidst their growth and success, the Ramos’ remain steadfast in their commitment – “we’re not about the money; we are more about helping people.”
So, if you find yourself in need of car repairs in Florida, rest assured – Precision Mobile Tech will come to your aid. Their services promise not only excellence and affordability but also the arrival of two gems, ready to assist you and leave you with a smile.