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“We control the media. The media does not control us.” – Mimi Mala

Gem story was written by: Marcus Mulenga

To trace Mimi’s journey, the narrative starts on Long Island, affectionately known as Strong Island. As a “military brat,” the core of her upbringing was founded on discipline. Coupled with her commitment to placing God at the forefront and buoyed by unwavering support from her expansive family, Mimi has consistently triumphed in all her pursuits. This foundation was cemented at an early age when she ventured into the entertainment realm through the John Casablancas Modeling and Acting Agency at just 13. Since then, her engagement in the world of entertainment has remained unwavering. Early on, her parents took on the role of agents to safeguard her from the pitfalls of manipulation and false promises that often plagued the industry. This strong guidance steered her clear of reality TV offers, even at the age of 21 when she was invited to participate in Bad Girls Club. Her family’s influence, coupled with a move from Long Island to Florida due to rising costs, opened doors to more fitting opportunities.

Mimi’s foray into broadcasting was sparked by an online Spanish radio show. Her involvement, from listener to collaborator, not only nurtured her growth but also introduced her to a platform that resonated deeply with her. The fortuitous connection with Chester, known as the “Prince of the South,” led Mimi to Peace on the Streets, an independent radio show with a 35-year legacy. Here, creativity flourishes, and their inclusive policy is vividly reflected in their distinctive black and neon green logo. A product of interns-turned-team members, the atmosphere exudes cohesion, aiming to engage the younger generation and empower them to create and own their content.

In tandem with Prince of the South, Mimi champions non-profit initiatives, offering food and clothing to the community while instilling entrepreneurial aspirations in youth. At Peace on the Streets, they proudly assert, “we control the media. The media does not control us.” Mimi, a first-year radio host, garnered acclaim, clinching the Best Host award, and securing her place among Orlando’s most influential women in 2018. A three-time Stella Award winner, her success has remained deeply rooted in humility. She articulates, “I don’t care about fame or riches. I just want to be able to make a positive movement and help make positive changes in our world.”

Despite the pandemic, Peace on the Streets remained steadfast in their mission to foster community connections. Collaborating with Orange County and Orlando, they provided street-level coverage of COVID-related developments. While in-person events were scaled back, this unplanned pivot became a blessing in disguise. After years of relentless work, the pandemic offered the team a chance to reflect, recalibrate, focus on news, and share the pulse of the city.

If Mimi could converse with her younger self, she’d emphasize the importance of discernment – declining opportunities that don’t align with one’s purpose. She’s received messages from people struggling with feelings of isolation during these trying times. To them, Mimi imparts a message of hope, reassuring that new ways of connection will unfold. In her life, two constants maintain her groundedness – her children and music. Mother to three boys, her sons are courteous and lively bundles of energy. When it comes to music, her New York roots shine as she embraces hip-hop classics by Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, and the late DMX. Maximizing her talents to their fullest is another hallmark of her journey. In her view, the waste of talent is the greatest tragedy. To those aspiring to overcome fear and intimidation, she urges them to embrace their God-given gifts wholeheartedly.

Parallel to Mom & Pop Gems, Peace on the Streets echoes a kindred spirit, embodying its mission through a different medium. Mimi’s vision extends beyond Orlando’s boundaries; her aspirations include international reach for Peace on the Streets, even mulling over the prospect of branching into reality TV. Armed with industry knowledge, she’s prepared for any challenge. In time, she envisions owning a multifaceted studio, housing distinct spaces for radio broadcasting, web design, and more. For now, listeners can tune in to Peace on the Streets Radio every Wednesday from 9-11 PM EST on 1680 AM/FM or Mimi’s journey is captivating and ever evolving, deserving of your continued attention.