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“What if you had someone who gave you all of the seeds that you needed to grow a great life?” – Katharine Stahl

Story written by: Marcus Mulenga

Imagine having a mother whose warmth and wisdom touched the hearts of everyone she met. Wouldn’t you be compelled to share her invaluable knowledge and life experiences with the entire world?

Get ready for an enriching experience as you dive into the My Mom Always Says podcast, where our spotlight falls on a dynamic mother-daughter duo – introducing Kate Stahl! A background steeped in writing and proofreading, Kate’s heritage was one of educational reverence, with both her parents being former professors. Graduating in journalism from college and graduate school, her career flourished as she contributed to prestigious magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Oprah Magazine, and Pop Sugar. Accumulating two decades as a professional journalist, her wealth of experience served as the foundation for her collaborative venture into podcasting with her mother.

At the heart of Kate’s journey is a profound bond with her mother, Sarah Templin (Co-Founder), who’s more than just a parent – she’s a confidante, a best friend, and now, a business partner. This synergistic pair operates seamlessly, nurturing a balanced and mutually beneficial partnership. Their camaraderie is illuminated by a shared wavelength, where they brainstorm fresh podcast topics. The inspiration for this podcast took shape after Kate’s appearance on the Stroller Coaster podcast, an opportunity springing from her exceptional parenting articles penned during her tenure at Pop Sugar. Enthralled by the experience and coinciding with shifts in her life’s course due to motherhood, Kate embarked on a new journey – podcasting.

Kate and her mother had contemplated podcasting as a joint venture, capitalizing on their shared interests and experiences. Recognizing her fortunate upbringing, Kate’s concept was crafted around themes of maternal wisdom. Collaboratively, they divided responsibilities: Sarah contributing decades of insight while Kate embraced roles such as editing, podcast distribution, monetization strategies, and sourcing equipment for proper recording. Having notched up 20 episodes, they’ve honed their formula for success.

A transition from writing for work to crafting content for enjoyment proved therapeutic for Kate, rekindling her love for writing and reactivating her creative faculties. The podcast’s topics flowed effortlessly, stemming from the inherent bond between mother and daughter and their roles as parents. The range spans from reevaluating careers for working mothers to transforming passions into livelihoods, and principles for an enriched life. Amid these discussions, deeper subjects are also explored. Ultimately, their aim is to catalyze change one conversation at a time, addressing a broad audience.

Kate’s journey has yielded invaluable insights for budding entrepreneurs, particularly those venturing into podcasting. She underscores the significance of valuing friends’ contributions while not overburdening them with expectations. Seeking mentors within your chosen field equips you with relevant insights. When it comes to the editing process (a skill Kate self-taught), remember that editing consumes more time than the episode’s runtime. Embracing the learning curve and accepting errors as part of growth is essential.

The My Mom Always Says podcast’s future vision encompasses featuring diverse experts as guests and forging partnerships to amplify its reach. Recognizing the potency of branding over affiliate programs, Kate strives to fortify their brand identity. Outside podcasting, Kate devotes time to reading, exercising, and cardio workouts. The radiant synergy between these two Gems continues to fuel the podcast’s evolution. Be sure to stay tuned for the thought-provoking insights the My Mom Always Says podcast has in store!