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Making daily decisions in line with destiny, and paying systematic attention to divine detail…that’s the definition of diligence – Jerred Mason

Gem story was written by: Marcus Mulenga

MTM had its humble beginnings as a YouTube channel with nearly 5k subscribers. Since then, Kiara and Jerred have charted their course with a dedication to aligning daily decisions with destiny and embracing divine intricacies. This diligence has enabled them to seize the myriad opportunities that have arisen along their path, leading to the evolution of MTM, now standing for Made to Maximize. Rooted in the philosophy of content, consistency, and conversions, MTM has been dedicated to helping businesses optimize their resources. In 2022, a rebranding initiative was undertaken to mirror the elevated level of excellence they offer clients, particularly in the domains of business strategies, design, and videography. MTM now extends its scope beyond creative imaging, encompassing online training and social media management. The dynamic duo—Kiara and Jerred—jointly helm the venture with Kiara holding the reins on operational oversight, ensuring seamless project execution. Jerred assumes the mantle of crafting effective business strategies, assuring their sales and marketing endeavors remain impeccable.

Bolstering their services, Kiara and Jerred have expanded their collaborative network, transcending self-reliance reminiscent of riding a bicycle, to embrace a more inclusive “car-driving” approach. This metaphorical shift symbolizes the space they’ve created for others, including their two children, River and Levi, on their journey. This expansiveness encompasses not only the MTM team but extends to creating a familial ambiance that transcends business rigidity. Their authenticity pervades their interactions, fostering an environment of trust and openness. Difficult dialogues and decisions are approached with love, fortifying their role as nurturing parents.

Mirroring their resilience, the pandemic ushered in new avenues rather than shuttering MTM. The paradigm shift towards remote work and a surge in the desire to enhance social media presence aligned seamlessly with MTM’s mission. Remaining steadfast to their vision, evident through their three vision boards, while adapting to market dynamics, propelled their expansion to Tulsa, Oklahoma. The relocation was formidable, yet it was a destiny they envisioned, a dream they packed into their car alongside three weeks’ worth of belongings. This life-altering shift didn’t impede their momentum; rather, their transactional engagements increased, validating their chosen path. Their journey reaffirms their belief in one’s ability to shape their own destiny.

As purveyors of wisdom, Kiara and Jerred impart key equations for aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • Skill Set + Structure Set = Income Set
  • Product (or Service) + Price + Placement + Promotion
  • Content + Consistency + Conversions

The Masons also emphasize the significance of nurturing their team like family, emphasizing transparency to avoid personalization of business decisions. Flexibility is another tenet, as serving clients need not be confined to a singular approach; as long as solutions are authentic, loyal clients will naturally gravitate.

Beyond MTM, Kiara and Jerred’s family focus remains steadfast. Kiara’s formative years in a challenging neighborhood shaped her perspective, as she cherishes a community that believes in and supports her. This ethos extends to her role as communications director at Transformation Church, as she navigates the realm of ministry and business concurrently. Jerred relishes his role as a stay-at-home dad while managing lucrative business endeavors. Alongside this dynamic duo, future Gem Ash M. Photography—a mompreneur with a Girl Squad of four daughters—demonstrates the art of seamlessly merging familial and professional spheres.

Throughout its evolution, from Meet to Masons to Made to Maximize, the core essence of MTM remains unwavering. Kiara and Jerred, the driving forces behind this enterprise, embody an unchanging love for one another, their family, and their work. Guided by their matrimonial bond, their shared goal is to perpetually amplify the impact of their daily choices while remaining steadfastly authentic. This enduring partnership has been their compass, consistently leading them toward the path meant for them in life.