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Believe in yourself first, then you can get people to believe in you through the work that you do that matters. That will help push you forward. It’s all about the work. – Leslie Olabisi

Gem story was written by: BOBO Marketing Services

Allow me to introduce you to Leslie O Voice, where the captivating vocal artistry of Leslie Olabisi takes center stage. Specializing in commercial and narration voice-overs, Leslie caters to businesses and creative artists across diverse industries, spanning both local and international domains.

A distinctive niche that Leslie has masterfully carved for herself is interludes, which she believes are undergoing a renaissance. These interludes inject vitality into album collaborations, embracing intros, skits, spoken word, and voice tags. From a voicemail intro to a song to cultural nuances seamlessly woven into the background, interludes enrich the essence of a composition. This remarkable talent is showcased in “The ‘Ludes Mixtape,” a hallmark of her voice-over services website.

Passion Propelled by Purpose

Driven by her fervor to infuse her voice with meaning, Leslie aspires to forge a profound legacy for her family and contribute to the world’s betterment. Her pursuit resonates with the quote, “Basically, I don’t want to die not really accomplishing things that matter.” She underscores her determination to strive for a legacy, focusing on her last name rather than her first.

Intrinsic Inspiration

Leslie’s compass for growth navigates solely within herself, as she continuously evolves and improves. Her life’s most influential figure? Herself from yesterday, herself from the previous year. Embracing the mantra, “Every day and in every way, I am getting better and better,” Leslie ensures unwavering progress.

Motivated by Icons

Leslie finds inspiration from motivational luminaries like Whoopi Goldberg and Lee Strasberg. Their journeys underscore the significance of self-belief as the catalyst for gaining others’ trust through meaningful work. This conviction fuels her actions, adhering to the principle, “Don’t let perfect get in the way of good enough.”

Setting Realistic Standards

Leslie ardently advises newcomers to the voiceover industry to undertake intensive training. Comprehensive voice training not only determines one’s compatibility with the field but also directs them toward their optimal industry path. She underscores the importance of managing expectations, as success in this domain might not yield immediate financial returns. A profound understanding of intonation, inflection, and pitch, and a commitment to craft and storytelling, are crucial elements in voiceover excellence.

Learning and Progress

Reflecting on her journey, Leslie humorously suggests to her past self, “Don’t get married, and don’t leave New York!” Recognizing her noble intentions of putting others first during that phase, she now acknowledges how it led her astray from her goals. Yet, she finds the wisdom in gleaning lessons from each experience, irrespective of setbacks. Her commitment to growth empowers her to navigate obstacles with determination and innovation.

A Day Unveiled

Presently back in New York, Leslie is poised for her off-Broadway debut. Her day commences with fulfilling voice-over requests from various platforms, followed by audition preparations for her agent’s inquiries. A notable facet of the industry is its reliance on self-initiated client acquisition, with only a fraction of work stemming from auditions. Leslie emphasizes the importance of a home studio for maintaining a competitive edge. Voiceover work turnaround is typically 24 to 48 hours, while auditions require a three-hour window.

Amidst her bustling schedule, Leslie manages her own LOVStudios YouTube channel, hosting live podcasts every Tuesday. This endeavor entails meticulous editing and productive discussions with her producer, aimed at enhancing productions. These meticulous efforts underscore her belief in the impact of her professional voice-over services.

A Shining Achievement

Leslie’s diligence and dedication have culminated in her winning the SOVAS Voice Arts Award for Outstanding Radio Promo – Best Voiceover. This accolade stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to honing her craft. Her voice has the power to transform advertising, conveying concise messages that resonate with audiences across diverse mediums. As Leslie eloquently puts it, “The voice can change the world.”

With her resonant voice and captivating narratives, Leslie is a gem whose luminance continues to ascend. Tune into her podcasts and keep an ear out – you might just hear her voice transforming the next commercial you encounter!