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“I enjoy bringing positive music into people’s lives.” – William “King Whale” Rose

Gem story was written by: Marcus Mulenga

A king? That’s formidable. A whale? That’s a colossal force. But a King Whale? Now, that’s a potent entity to be reckoned with! Gratefully, our highlighted Gem this time around – “Around” being his new single, don’t miss it – William Rose, known as King Whale, channels his energy for good. As a consummate artist, musician, saxophonist, rapper, and singer, he endeavors to infuse positivity into people’s lives, particularly those of his two-year wife and his siblings: an elder sister and a younger brother. His aspiration to inspire stems from the faith and values that his parents have cultivated within him since infancy. But how did he evolve into the performer he is today? The journey commenced in second grade when he participated in a Winter Wonderland play, entrusted with holding a large inflatable saxophone. That simple prop resonated as his calling. Subsequently, during his middle school years, while advised to play the flute, he remained steadfast in pursuing his childhood dream, this time wielding a genuine saxophone. The exhilaration surpassed even that initial school play, setting his trajectory. So, now we comprehend how William became a saxophonist, but what about the moniker “King Whale”?

Middle school bestowed “Whale” as his moniker, replacing the conventional “Will.” As his musical acumen matured, his adoration for R&B, nurtured since childhood, harmonized with newfound admiration for hip-hop – an epiphany inspired by his father’s car radio. During high school, “King” was appended to his name. This addition echoed the philosophy that if the mind is a kingdom, its owner ought to be the sovereign ruler. Furthermore, the title provided distinction from rappers employing “big” or “lil” in their stage names. Although rap music initially encountered skepticism from his inner circle during his youth, Will felt drawn to the storytelling and meaningful messaging in Lupe Fiasco’s verses. Utilizing rap as a medium to propagate positive narratives became an imperative within King Whale’s domain.

Having discovered his passion and cemented his identity, King Whale enlisted in a college jazz band, a collaboration that endures. His influences span beyond Lupe Fiasco to include Koda the Friend and Miles Davis. As a collective, the band anticipated live performances before the pandemic intervened, rendering all scheduled events void. The college even suspended the band for a full year. Nevertheless, King Whale emerged undeterred. He redirected his energy into advancing his solo career, collaborating with fellow artists and integrating their contributions into his music. Presently crafting his second EP, “Breakthrough,” King Whale’s solo journey flourishes. With the world gradually returning to normalcy, the band seeks to rekindle its synergy, while King Whale anticipates more live shows and interviews to amplify his name and message. His aspirations aren’t extravagant – not driven by fame or fortune. Presently, he aims to establish his presence within the industry, addressing challenges as they emerge.

Turning a cherished hobby like music into a full-fledged career forms King Whale’s ultimate goal, a pursuit not devoid of obstacles. Nonetheless, King Whale takes solace in sage advice he received during his band days: “If you don’t practice for a day, you notice. If you don’t practice for two days, your teacher notices. If you don’t practice for three days, the whole band notices.” Indeed, practice begets perfection. Many find the commitment to regular practice daunting. Here’s a recommendation from King Whale: Dedicate an hour each week to practice. However, split that hour into 15-minute daily sessions, granting yourself weekends off. Not only does this regimen distribute practice time more evenly, but you might discover yourself practicing beyond the designated 15 minutes. After all, “use it or lose it.” Another insightful suggestion entails seeking inspiration from unconventional sources. King Whale didn’t grow up with hip-hop but found its resonance when he was ready to embrace it. Similarly, venturing into unexplored avenues might yield valuable discoveries – inspiration might even find you.

In his leisure, King Whale champions local mom-and-pop restaurants, an underappreciated way to contribute to the community. He also enjoys immersing himself in music aligned with his interests, though he listens with a discerning ear, using it to refine his craft. Virtual concerts have become commonplace among artists, and King Whale harnesses this format to engage his loved ones in supporting his music while mitigating risks. Regardless of whether you’re in Florida or anywhere else worldwide, you can elevate your auditory experience with the uplifting melodies of our latest Gem, King Whale. Explore his music wherever streaming is available!



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