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“I’m a woman of many hats” – Keianna A. Summers

Meet Keianna A. Summers, a small-town girl with a sweeping perspective on the world. Enrolled as a dedicated film student, she’s embraced substantial sacrifices to pursue her fervent dreams in photography. Hailing from the quaint town of Clewiston, merely a three-hour journey from Orlando, Keianna grew up amidst the embrace of her parents and five siblings. Rooted in strong Caribbean heritage, her family initially harbored reservations about her cinematic aspirations. Originating from her hometown’s cosmetology school, Keianna’s journey took a spirited turn toward photography, a calling she couldn’t suppress.

Her odyssey commenced with a Fujifilm DSLR Camera, initially aimed at food photography. During her freshman year of high school, Keianna delved into photography classes. An instructive prompt from her teacher encouraged her and her peers to pose as models for each other, broadening Keianna’s lens to encompass human photography. A setback arrived when her mother accidentally damaged her original camera during graduation, culminating in the acquisition of her new companion: the Canon Rebel T6, a staple for aspiring photographers. Keianna now proudly wields a Canon Rebel 80d and a versatile Prime Lens 50mm, showcasing her professional growth over the past year and a half.

Keianna attributes her passion for photography to her resilience in surmounting numerous life challenges. From familial struggles to personal battles with depression, these experiences have forged the remarkable young woman she is today. Guided by her steadfast Christian faith, Keianna’s transformative journey has empowered her through adversity.

Radiating an infectious zest for life, Keianna cherishes the present moment, infusing positivity into every encounter. This luminosity radiates through her work, captivating her audience. Her outreach is directed toward those seeking inspiration, as her evocative words paired with her imagery create a distinct and resonant impact. Rejecting notions of competition, she believes each photographer possesses a unique style that sets them apart.

Versatility defines Keianna’s spirit. She aptly describes herself as a “woman of many hats,” embracing various roles. As she broadcasts her work, her connections span across the globe. Looking ahead, she envisions hosting her talk show and even envisions a presence on esteemed platforms like the “Today Show.” Illuminated by the zeal behind her photography and her charismatic persona, Keianna is an unmistakable beacon—one whose vibrant presence and extensive aspirations are bound to captivate your attention.