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Photographer (Real Estate & Portrait)

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“I plan to travel out of the country to explore with my camera” – Jordan Ward

Gem story was written by: Stay Klassay

Allow us to introduce Jordan Ward, an emerging talent who channels his deep empathy for his clients into his photography. His roots are grounded in Wesley Chapel, Florida, where his childhood days were adorned with convention escapades, cinema outings, and frequent visits to the cherished Hot Topic store. Even at the tender age of six, Ward uncovered his profound fascination for capturing the world through the lens of a camera. His inaugural camcorder accompanied him to a plethora of places – from church and school to even the somber ambiance of funerals. Guiding him through his formative years, his steadfast pillar of support has always been his mother, who guided not only him but also his siblings through their college journeys.

The initial DSLR camera to grace Jordan’s possession was the Canon Rebel T3i. With it, he immediately embarked on a visual journey, capturing animals and landscapes that crossed his path. Although his focus gravitated towards the “human” aspect of photography in sixth grade with the gift of a Canon Rebel T6i, it wasn’t until his college years that his ardor for photography truly ignited.

Inspired by luminaries such as Dani Diamond, Ward embarked on a mission to unravel the enchantment woven by natural light, transforming photos into narrative treasures. Portrait photography, with its ability to unveil the concealed narratives within each countenance, holds the throne as his favorite genre. What sets his work apart is his audacious embrace of over-editing. Fueled by his adoration for anime and sci-fi, he aspires for his photos to exude abundance – be it through contrasts, brightness, darkness, or color. His masterful post-production enhancements breathe life into his captures in unprecedented ways.

Jordan’s pre-shoot ritual unfurls about a week ahead. He reaches out to models, establishing shooting dates, finalizing locations, gauging their enthusiasm, and accommodating special requests. His approach showers every client with celebrity treatment, creating an atmosphere where they shine their brightest. Armed with essentials like additional attire, refreshments, and his cherished 85mm lens, Ward orchestrates his photographic symphonies.

In the calendar year, Jordan sets his sights on global exploration through his camera lens, expressing, “to travel out of the country to explore with my camera.” Egypt, Italy, and China form his dream triumvirate of destinations. In the imminent future, he aspires to unfurl his wings as a freelance videographer, traversing the globe and weaving stories that transcend the surface. If embarking on a visual voyage with Jordan Ward Photography entices you, then be sure to trail the journey of this imminent international Gem!