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People getting across the finish line regarding their desired outcomes is what brings me joy. – Carmen Adams

Gem story was written by: Marcus Mulenga

Whether you are dealing with acute ailments or complex conditions, a prudent mindset to adopt would be, “why guess when you can know?” Carmen Adams has learned that one can turn to herbs and homeopathic remedies to sufficiently answer that question. Given some of her own traumatic childhood experiences, as well as some things she learned about allopathic medicine in her early healthcare studies that she wasn’t comfortable promoting or personally applying, Carmen was led down a path of discovering the physical, mental, and spiritual healing that can be accredited to the effects of different herbs. Today, her extensive knowledge and experience in this field allows Carmen to especially connect with clients who are healing from similar inner childhood wounds. Although herbalism tends to be oversimplified by some with a mind closed off to any solutions other than traditional medicine, Carmen’s current office is surrounded by jars and containers of herbs and tinctures which she can pull down on a whim and explain their many positive and practical effects. During the pandemic, Carmen noted a surge of interest in clients seeking out homeopathic remedies to assist with lung care and overall detoxing. This afforded her even more opportunities to do what she loves best: educating people about the helpfulness of herbs. There was, however, a challenge associated with this. As of yet, there is no insurance coverage for holistic medicine, so the out-of-pocket costs for these remedies was an obstacle to some clients. Carmen dreams of a future where this is no longer an issue, and where there is a certified herbalist within every MD’s office. No doubt, this would lead to more insurance coverage for homeopathic, giving people an affordable option to heal themselves through the earth’s natural resources. Carmen maintains a positive attitude at all times, and she chooses to view the current challenges within her industry as “problems that haven’t been solved yet.”  Something which Carmen certainly does not struggle with is finding ways to connect with and educate clients and specialists. She loves being a mentor, and soon she plans to relaunch her 60-day one-on-one and group coaching sessions. Through these, her goal is to teach you, not what, but how to think, going beyond the herb to truly understand the art of herbalism. And yes, herbalism is truly an art form! Carmen likes to think of each herb as a unique color that you can mix together for addressing different needs. And once a client no longer needs her help, the picture is complete! Over the years, Carmen has had the great pleasure of helping many of her clients with “getting across the finish line regarding their desired outcome.” This is what has brought her the most joy in her career. And it has helped her to expand in her ability to help other clients, as she states that “each person I help, helps me help the next person.” It’s like an endless dopamine train that she aims to follow wherever it goes! And there have definitely been many stops along the way on Carmen’s journey to forming Innergy Med Group. It has been a trip all over the country, as the ebbs and flows of life has taken her to different states, seeing her work in various spas, corporate wellness programs, and virtual offices. Now, she has her own brick-and-mortar establishment with a small team of other natural specialists that she gets to mentor and work with. One of her team members is helping Carmen to develop more of a social media presence, which has seen her gain more correspondence with interested clients. And Carmen is able to benefit her team by offering her mentorship. She seeks out specialists who truly respect the craft and are open-minded and teachable. Treating herself as her own client before teaching others is what makes Carmen so great at stepping into this leadership role in the field of herbalism.  The future holds many exciting things for Carmen and Innergy Med Group. Through one of her alma maters, she will soon be offering nutrition education on a sliding scale, connecting clients with certified nutritionists. She also wants to make more of her herbal blends available for presale, setting up a system where buyers will be able to learn more about their bodies by tracking their past orders. Carmen Adams is a Gem that can help you find the healthcare outcomes you are looking for, no matter what challenges your body may be facing. And when you decide to work with her and step into the realm of homeopathic medicine, just be ready to show up and advocate for yourself through your mind, body, and spirit!

When confronted with acute ailments or intricate conditions, a wise perspective to embrace is “why rely on guesswork when you can attain certainty?” Carmen Adams has illuminated the path that turns to herbs and homeopathic remedies as credible responses to this inquiry. Informed by her own haunting childhood experiences and her reservations about certain aspects of allopathic medicine encountered during her early healthcare studies, Carmen embarked on a journey to unearth the physical, mental, and spiritual healing potential harbored by diverse herbs. Her present-day wealth of knowledge and hands-on involvement in this domain empowers Carmen to forge deep connections with clients navigating parallel inner childhood wounds. Although the realm of herbalism often faces oversimplification from those who adhere strictly to conventional medicine, Carmen’s workspace is adorned with rows of jars and vials containing herbs and tinctures. These are at her fingertips, readily accessible to be introduced and expounded upon, revealing their numerous constructive and pragmatic effects.

The pandemic’s emergence witnessed Carmen noticing an upsurge in clients seeking homeopathic remedies for lung care and overall detoxification. This upswing provided her with more opportunities to indulge in her passion: educating individuals about the potent efficacy of herbs. Yet, there existed a challenge within this surge. Holistic medicine remains bereft of insurance coverage, rendering the out-of-pocket expenses for such remedies a barrier for some clients. Carmen envisions a future where this concern is relegated to history, where certified herbalists find their place within MD’s offices. Such a transformation could foster increased insurance support for homeopathy, endowing people with a cost-effective avenue for healing through the Earth’s natural resources. Carmen, an eternal optimist, frames the present challenges within her field as “unresolved puzzles.”

Where Carmen undeniably excels is in her adeptness at establishing connections and imparting knowledge to clients and fellow specialists. Embracing a mentor’s role, she is on the brink of relaunching her 60-day one-on-one and group coaching sessions. Her intention is not to teach what to think, but rather how to think, transcending mere knowledge of herbs to comprehend the artistry of herbalism—a true artistic endeavor. Each herb, akin to a unique hue, can be blended to address distinct needs. And as a client outgrows her guidance, the masterpiece is complete. Over the years, Carmen has derived immense joy from assisting her clients in realizing their desired outcomes, marking a finish line she proudly helps them cross. This process serves as both personal fulfillment and an expanded reservoir of knowledge, a virtuous cycle that drives her inexhaustible enthusiasm.

Carmen’s journey to founding Innergy Med Group has indeed been a tapestry woven with myriad experiences. Spanning across the country, life’s ebb and flow has carried her to different states, where she has made her mark in various spas, corporate wellness programs, and virtual spaces. Today, she commands her own brick-and-mortar establishment, supported by a small team of like-minded natural specialists whom she mentors and collaborates with. One team member is assisting Carmen in amplifying her social media presence, fostering increased interaction with intrigued clients. And in return, Carmen’s mentorship fortifies her team, seeking out individuals who hold the craft in reverence, possessing open minds and teachable spirits. By prioritizing herself as a client before instructing others, Carmen has seamlessly assumed her role as a leader in the field of herbalism.

The horizon is ablaze with promise for Carmen and Innergy Med Group. Through her affiliations with alma maters, she is poised to offer nutrition education on a sliding scale, bridging clients with certified nutritionists. Furthermore, she envisions making her herbal blends more accessible through presales, facilitating a system where purchasers gain deeper insights into their bodies by tracking their past selections. Carmen Adams is a luminous Gem, adept at guiding you toward healthcare solutions irrespective of the challenges your body encounters. And as you step into the realm of homeopathic medicine under her guidance, brace yourself to advocate for your holistic well-being through mind, body, and spirit.