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“We make more money with people’s money through real estate.” – Desmond Pollock

Story written by: Marcus Mulenga

Picture a series of common conversations that unfold in communities across the country: discussions about college choices, future careers, and income aspirations. Yet, amidst these exchanges, one crucial question often goes unnoticed: How can I leverage real estate investments to secure my financial future? While this might seem like a specific inquiry, it holds relevance for everyone, particularly those hailing from underprivileged backgrounds. Desmond Pollock’s life journey attests to this fact. Raised in Queens, New York, financial security rarely found its way into conversations within his social circles. Despite his loving mother’s dedicated efforts in providing for him and his siblings, financial struggles persisted, as is common in families led by single parents. Being the eldest, Desmond felt a deep responsibility to usher in prosperity and a stable life for his family. It was the world of real estate that eventually unlocked this dream.

After relocating to Tampa, Florida during his adolescence and unexpectedly pursuing a music education, Desmond ventured into the realm of recording. He DJ’d at a local radio station and explored connections with recording companies. However, these endeavors left him unfulfilled, prompting a pivotal realization: “if you’re not having a good time at what you do for work, you should probably go and do something else!” This awakening led him to the path of entrepreneurship. Desmond capitalized on the wealth of free educational resources available in the realm of real estate investing, leveraging these materials to make his first home sale for $36,000, without any upfront investment. This marked the turning point that would not only transform his family’s fortunes but also ignite a passion for facilitating financial literacy among others.

Today, Desmond proudly co-owns Encore Real Estate Investment alongside his partner Damone Franklin. Together, they have a singular objective approached through diverse avenues. Their company thrives on traditional buying and selling, property flipping, and the establishment of hedge funds for private equity firms and investors, all streamlined in-house. Operating in Central Florida, Jacksonville, parts of Ohio, and with future expansion plans, Encore Real Estate serves as a beacon of financial empowerment for communities. Desmond eloquently encapsulates their mission: “we make more money with people’s money through real estate.”

Central to his gratification in this journey are the relationships he builds. Desmond invests much of his time behind the scenes, nurturing team spirits and ensuring their collective success. Just as Encore Real Estate empowers individuals seeking smooth investment experiences, Desmond provides personal and career coaching to his team, fostering their personal growth.

Despite its rewards, the real estate industry presents challenges. Market volatility, with its highs and lows, poses a constant test. Yet, Desmond’s wisdom reminds us that “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” The pandemic-induced slowdown witnessed Encore Real Estate swiftly adapting by transitioning to virtual operations. Throughout, their commitment to community outreach and philanthropy persisted, with regular contributions to Feeding Children Everywhere.

For aspiring real estate entrants, Desmond imparts valuable counsel. Discard attempts to time the market; the fluctuation is inevitable. Embrace a consistent cash flow and the ability to weather storms. He emphasizes the importance of focus, resisting the temptation to dabble in everything. This insight originates from his study of influential books like “Think and Grow Rich,” “The One Thing,” “Never Split the Difference,” “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” and “The World’s Greatest Salesman.”

In Desmond’s office, above his treasured copy of “The World’s Greatest Salesman,” rests a photograph of his sons, Malachi and Isaiah. Their unwavering support serves as a touchstone during challenging days. The same steadfast support comes from his wife, Mandy, a dedicated schoolteacher. Together, they keep Desmond grounded in his commitment to both his work and family.

In essence, Desmond Pollock and Encore Real Estate are true gems within their community. Whether buying, selling, or flipping homes, or seeking investment funding, their mission bridges the financial literacy gap, guiding individuals towards passive income and the wealth they aspire to attain.