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“Helping the artist accomplish their goal in music.” – Kenneth Clair

Gem story was written by: BOBO Marketing Services

Emerging as a dynamic force in the local music scene is Kenneth Clair, a prolific audio engineer and producer at the helm of his own artist management venture, Loop Theory. Embarking on a transformative journey, Kenneth is steering his enterprise toward the exciting horizon of a full-fledged record label. At Loop Theory, he orchestrates a symphony of creativity, collaborating closely with artists to sculpt their musical visions, while his partner adeptly navigates the intricate world of day-to-day management and performance bookings.

Kenneth’s affinity for music has been an enduring companion from a tender age. The seeds of his beat-making prowess were sown around the age of 16 or 17, catalyzed by an educator’s encouragement to cultivate a high school music program. Responding to this spark, Kenneth rallied fellow students, pooling their talents to record and craft beats. His path evolved as he engaged with diverse music programs and eventually secured an internship at a studio during his senior year—a transformative juncture where his passion truly ignited.

Evolution from Artist Management to Record Label

Kenneth thrives in the solitude of the studio, fervently championing artists to actualize their musical aspirations. At Loop Theory, alongside his artist management role, he remains ardently engaged in audio engineering and full-time music production across a kaleidoscope of genres—from jazz and classical to hip-hop and R&B. Among his musical loves, bossa nova and jazz hold a special place, reflecting his eclectic artistic sensibilities.

Driven by an unwavering family support system, music courses through Kenneth’s lineage. His sister boasts a remarkable vocal prowess, while his father—a Chicago DJ igniting local venues—is his foremost champion, meticulously guiding him in sculpting his ambitions.

Curtailing the Ebb of Negative Self-Talk

Kenneth’s relentless pursuit of excellence occasionally necessitates overcoming self-imposed obstacles rooted in his lofty standards. He has learned to dispel the illusion of perfection as a breeding ground for insecurity, championing the principle that contentment with progress paves the way for sustained growth.

His candid demeanor underpins his artistic ethos—embracing projects with fervor and resolutely declining those that fail to command his wholehearted commitment. For Kenneth, an artist’s identity is intrinsically tied to their name, a belief that underscores his selective engagement with projects aligned with his unwavering confidence.

He advocates for aspiring entrepreneurs to quell self-doubt and dive headfirst into their business visions. Dispensing sage counsel, he champions taking that critical first step—whether it be securing an LLC, forging partnerships, or venturing into uncharted territory. The journey matters more than the destination.

In the symphony of Loop Theory’s creative endeavors, Kenneth Clair conducts a harmonious fusion of passion, commitment, and growth. Stay tuned to @LoopTheory and chart the path of this visionary Gem as they cultivate captivating melodies and trailblaze a dynamic record label future.