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2D & 3D Animator

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“Don’t be afraid to show everyone what you can do!” – Brian Remesnitzky

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Life has an intriguing way of circling back to our true passions, and Brian Remesnitzky’s journey is a perfect example of this phenomenon. Through twists and turns, Brian discovered that his heart belonged to animation, and he embraced this calling with unwavering dedication. Today, he stands proudly as the animator and owner of Brian Remes Animacion in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Brian’s artistic odyssey began with his studies in multimedia art at the Escuela Da Vinci, a journey that took unexpected detours through fields like architecture and engineering. It was a vocational test that unveiled his ultimate truth: animation was his destiny. Despite initial fears that pursuing his passion might diminish his love for it, Brian found the opposite to be true. He fell deeper in love with animation, and his family’s unwavering support propelled him forward.

While Brian wishes he had embarked on his animation journey sooner, he values the diverse experiences that enriched his path. His unique career background became a wellspring of inspiration for his work, demonstrated in projects like his sci-fi thesis that drew from his electronic engineering knowledge.

A Day in the Life of an Animator

Brian’s days are a blend of creativity and dedication. Whether in his home office due to the pandemic or his physical workspace, he delves into his computer, crafting 2D and 3D animations, motion graphics, special effects, and mesmerizing slow-motion videos. He recounts an intense project that demanded round-the-clock dedication, where he defied sleep and sustenance to meet an urgent deadline. His meticulous planning and steadfast production process led to the project’s triumphant completion.

The Road Ahead

Brian’s advice to budding animators is to embrace self-confidence and showcase their talents fearlessly. His own struggles with self-esteem fuel this counsel, urging newcomers to value their contributions.

As Brian looks to the future, he envisions expanding his company to include friends and colleagues. Dreams of collaborating with renowned animation studios like Pixar and DreamWorks dance in his imagination, driven by his determination and unwavering passion.

Brian Remes Animacion promises an animated journey worth experiencing, where every creation is a gem that reflects Brian’s unwavering commitment to his craft. Don’t hesitate to explore his vibrant world and embark on an adventure of imagination and creativity.