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“We pride ourselves on being a family and women-owned business that stays true to its core values.” – Jennifer, Jessica & Jacqueline Radulovic

Gem story was written by: Stay Klassay

Allow me to introduce you to the exceptional minds behind BOBO Marketing Services, a freelance marketing enterprise that specializes in a spectrum of services encompassing copywriting, graphic design, digital media, and public relations. These extraordinary individuals hold a special place in our hearts, and we can personally attest to the caliber of their offerings. Through the years, they’ve ventured into diverse domains, including crafting captivating landing pages, illuminating blog posts, engaging newsletters, and compelling listing descriptions. The company stands as the brainchild of three remarkable sisters, first-generation Americans whose distinct passions and backgrounds have harmoniously coalesced to give rise to a thriving marketing powerhouse, catering to a global clientele.

“Our identity as a family and women-owned enterprise is at our core. We are unwavering in our commitment to our values while relentlessly pursuing prompt communication with our clients, consistently surpassing their expectations. Our clients entrust us with the certainty that we will consistently deliver superlative content and unparalleled customer service.”

Meet The Visionaries!

Jessica Nicole “Stefanovic” Radulovic

Leading the pack is Jessica, the elder sister, equipped with a background in psychology and counseling, which she adroitly integrates into her daily undertakings. Her expertise aids businesses in crystallizing their core objectives and principles. Beyond this, she wields her prowess in writing, orchestrating events, graphic design, and digital media.

Fun Fact: Jessica, a proud mother of a teenager, finds solace and joy in culinary creations and journaling during her leisure time.

Jennifer Christine Radulovic

Jennifer, the middle sibling, brings to the table her public relations background, channeling her focus into delivering results that ignite genuine client pride. Her meticulous attention to detail seamlessly dovetails with her role as the helm of the company’s copywriting endeavors.

Fun Fact: In addition to her contributions to the business, Jennifer boasts a background in real estate. Amidst tending to her energetic toddler, she seeks tranquility through painting, drawing, nurturing plants, and engaging in yoga.

Jacqueline Bekki Radulovic

Completing the trio is Jackie, the younger sister, a creative luminary whose aesthetic sensibilities are keenly attuned to visual appeal. Her artistic aptitude finds expression through diverse art forms and design variations. Spearheading the company’s social media endeavors, she ingeniously employs quotes, graphics, photography, and captivating headshots to curate visually captivating feeds for clients. Her fashion acumen further enriches the distinctive charm of her creative vision.

Fun Fact: Amidst her multifaceted pursuits, Jackie relishes bike rides, gardening, fitness regimes, and literary journeys.

The Origin of BOBO Marketing’s Name

“The name ‘Bobolan’ carries a legacy woven through generations in the quaint Serbian town of our ancestry. It even served as the last name for our forebearers. The town operates on this premise, identifying individuals by their house affiliation. When met with unfamiliar faces, the query ‘Which house do you belong to?’ often ensues. Thus, we proudly declare ourselves hailing from the House of Bobolan, akin to a narrative from Game of Thrones.”

In sum, BOBO Marketing Services stands as a testament to the union of familial bonds, entrepreneurial spirit, and creative prowess. The collective brilliance of the Radulovic sisters radiates through their work, promising a journey embellished with innovation and excellence.

BOBO Marketing operates on an à la carte basis, tailoring their offerings to suit your business needs, crafting distinctive and professionally crafted solutions that resonate with your target audience. Their flexibility extends to delving into diverse markets to propel your business expansion. However, their motivation isn’t solely rooted in achieving success as a women-owned enterprise; these exceptional individuals are driven by a desire to set an inspirational precedent for their children and fellow entrepreneurs globally. With wholehearted confidence, we wholeheartedly endorse their services to businesses across the spectrum. Embrace the prowess of the “House of Bobolan” to amplify your marketing endeavors and introduce your brand to the world!