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Teacher | Content Creator | Video Editor

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“My passion is seeing things done well.” – Ava Lawla

Gem story was written by: See Marcus Write

Allow us to introduce you to our newest Gem, Ava Lawla – a deliberate video editor who has also mastered the art of teaching. Through her venture, “Ace it With Ava,” she’s on a twofold mission. Firstly, as a video editor, she crafts captivating visuals from raw footage, course material, and videos, enhancing their appeal. Moreover, as an educator, Ava imparts the gift of knowledge, empowering others to leverage their skills for future growth. Being self-taught in all her skills, she takes profound joy in enlightening others about unexplored territories.

Raised on the vibrant island of Jamaica, Ava was surrounded by an abundance of splendor – from lush trees and azure waters to cheerful people and blossoms. This environment fueled her perfectionist tendencies. Driven by an innate desire for excellence, she seeks nothing less than the finest outcome, whether in her endeavors or those of others. Just as kindred spirits quench their perfectionist thirst through home makeovers, Ava channels hers into creating videos of unparalleled perfection. One aspect she relishes is the process of cutting and refining, where she meticulously crafts seamless final products, leaving her audience perplexed about the edits.

As an information technology teacher, Ava primarily instructs teenagers, a demographic she finds amiable to engage with. Editing her teaching videos, originally a personal endeavor, opened the door to her current pursuits. Though untrained in this field, Ava’s determination to excel propels her to master every skill she undertakes. She affirms, “I strive to be the best at what I know and what I seek to learn.” With an astute eye for detail and an optimistic outlook, Ava adeptly edits her teaching videos, client interviews, and course materials. Testimonials from her clients resound her excellence. While she has yet to explore editing sales and marketing videos extensively, breaking free from her comfort zone to embrace this burgeoning realm stands as a near-term aspiration.

During the pandemic, her business experienced a positive surge as digital adoption became the norm, including education. With an influx of individuals offering online courses complete with videos and interviews, many wisely chose to “ace it with Ava.” Her clients were not disappointed, testament to her passion and dedication. In response to the heightened demand for online content, Ava leveraged her entrepreneurial spirit by offering complimentary mini-courses on video editing. In a world where education can be prohibitively expensive, Ava’s commitment to offer free courses stems from her belief that not everything must be monetized. Rather, she aims to equip learners with skills that can be translated into profits. This benevolent gesture allows Ava to give back to her community while fueling their aspirations with knowledge. Presently, Ava continues to attract new clients while striving to elevate her personal brand.

Yet, like any journey, Ava’s path has had its share of challenges. Procrastination and self-doubt have been persistent companions, stemming from her childhood as a single-child raised by her mother. These emotions are amplified by the fact that she is self-taught. Often, she questions if her skills are substantial to sustain and amplify her company’s vision. Recognizing that these concerns resonate with many, particularly budding entrepreneurs, Ava offers sage advice. She advocates for positive self-talk, a powerful tool that fosters self-belief and reaffirms one’s achievements. She also emphasizes the significance of not taking life too seriously – we’re all human beings navigating existence. Moreover, she underscores the value of heeding others’ advice, as they’ve likely faced similar challenges and can offer insights based on experience. Ultimately, Ava’s counsel to budding entrepreneurs is a call to seize control of their destinies, recognizing that they shape the outcomes.

In her leisure moments, Ava indulges in watching TikTok videos – a compilation of skilled video editors showcasing their talents for enjoyment. Thus, whether editing or observing, video content is an integral part of Ava’s life. This affinity for the craft is palpable in her remarkable proficiency. She’s been using the term “ace” for years, and she certainly lives up to the definition. Ava excels as a devoted teacher, displaying an aptitude for connecting with students. She excels in her blended family setting, which includes five dogs and a cat whom she holds dear. Her self-taught mastery of transforming raw material into vibrant creations further solidifies her ace status. Ava Lawla is a singular Gem – an individual ready to “ace it.” If you’re ready to join her in this journey, reach out and let her know!