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“I can score goals and the perfect portrait shot.” – Alejandro “Alejo” Hoyos

Gem story was written by: Stay Klassay

Alejandro “Alejo” Hoyos possesses an innate ability to master anything he lays his hands on, whether it’s a soccer ball gifted to him on his third birthday or his mother’s trusty Canon camera. After years of refining his skills in both sports and photography, Alejo now proudly wears the dual hats of a professional soccer player and a skilled photographer.

Despite being homeschooled throughout his upbringing, Alejo sought his sense of belonging in the community, channeling his energy into soccer by joining various local clubs. As fate would have it, he eventually earned the opportunity to audition for a professional indoor soccer team, leading him to become the youngest field player on the Orlando Seawolves reserve team, an esteemed second-tier player in the United States Soccer Association. While this career isn’t necessarily a major source of income, Alejo has a side venture that keeps him equally engaged.

Alejo’s fascination with filmmaking was ignited by his parents during his childhood when they embarked on creating a short film centered around their dancing endeavors. Captivated by the behind-the-scenes intricacies, Alejo was drawn into the world of cinematography, even assisting with camera operations. True to his nature, once Alejo sets his sights on something, he excels.

Fast-forwarding a couple of years, A5 Productions was born—Alejo’s personal photography venture. The name bears a deeply personal significance: the “A” from his name and “5” representing both his jersey number and the size of his immediate family. Initially armed with a Canon Rebel T5 camera, a cherished Christmas gift from his mother, Alejo honed his craft through YouTube tutorials. Countless hours were invested in practicing the techniques gleaned from these videos, while his open-mindedness to diverse subjects and his pursuit of novel techniques have consistently elevated his skills. Amid his passion for photography, Alejo’s affection for videography remains, as he continuously seeks to broaden his horizons in this realm as well. From portraits to automobiles and even weddings, A5 Productions thrives in diverse domains.

A day behind the camera for this gem photographer involves prepping charged batteries, hunting down potentially elusive SD cards (with fingers crossed for ample storage), and surprisingly, foregoing a weather check. Remarkably, Alejo seems to always be graced with idyllic blue skies and fluffy clouds for that perfect outdoor lighting. What he does prioritize is an in-depth location study, noting optimal shooting spots and angles. Alejo firmly believes that photographer confidence translates to subject assurance, thereby capturing the essence of his subjects flawlessly.

Despite pouring his heart and soul into A5 Productions, Alejo’s fervent passion for soccer remains unwavering. Among his enduring aspirations is the ambition to ascend to the fourth tier of the USSA, a feat that would not only allow him to excel in the sport he adores but also significantly bolster his earnings. With his characteristic determination and the unwavering support of his parents and younger siblings, Alejo is poised to transform this dream into reality. Their ongoing presence in his life remains pivotal, even following his recent move to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. As Alejo embarks on this journey, it’s clear that he’s a gem worth keeping an eye on, as he continues to excel both on the field and behind the lens, propelling himself to greater heights with every click and kick.