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Precision Mobile Tech

“We love seeing people smile. We’re not about the money; we are more about helping people.”

Their advice to aspiring entrepreneurs echoes this sentiment – seize opportunities swiftly, for waiting is but a delay in the journey towards fulfilling dreams.
Precision Mobile Tech is a story of dreams turned into reality. Fueled by a vision of service excellence, Anthony and Samantha leapt into action to bring it to life. Looking ahead, expansion is on the horizon. 

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Voiceover Actor | Writer | Published Author | Narrator | Proofreader

“No one sees the things the way you do.”

Magazine | Published Author | Taxes

“To be 40 years old and to get up and to look at myself in the mirror and see the woman that I’ve become.”

Radio Personality | Host | Model

“We control the media. The media does not control us.”

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Marketing Agency | Social Media Management | Marketing Strategy & More

“Making daily decisions in line with destiny, and paying systematic attention to divine detail…that’s the definition of diligenc”

Velocity Banking | Infinite Banking | Kingdom Authority

“People go to their graves with their knowledge… all the wealth is stored in the cemetery.”

A-La-Carte Marketing Agency

“We pride ourselves on being a family and women-owned business that stays true to its core values.”

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More Gems In Our Directory

Health & Wellness MedSpa | Allergist | IV Hydration | Botox Fillers | Wellness and Weight Loss Shots

“Riavviamo…Let’s restart and let’s reboot and just get hydrated and healthy.”

Award Winning Voiceover Artist | Actor | Host

“Believe in yourself first, then you can get people to believe in you through the work that you do that matters. That will help push you forward. It’s all about the work.” 


“What if you had someone who gave you all of the seeds that you needed to grow a great life?”


General Business Advise

Define Your Unique Value Preposition (UVP): Clearly articulate what setsyour business apart from the competition. Identify your unqiue stengths, offerngs, or appoach that makes your business valuable to customers.